Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Chocolate Flavored Saturday

Another beautiful Indian Summer weekend inspired Kennie and I to head out to New York for the much anticipated New York Chocolate Show. For all chocoholics and fashionistas, this is a MUST do and wonderful pre-Holiday season kickoff.
The Empire State Building as seen from Secaucus
As we arrived at the Metropolitan Pavilion, we were astounded to find the line for admittance, even for ticket holders, stretched all the way around the block.  Undaunted, we took our places and before long Kennie was chatting up with this pleasant New York couple about her adventures as a travel companion.  After all, touring the world wasn't merely for gnomes!  Thankfully, several vendors from the show kept working the lines offering free samples of the delicacies inside which made the 90 minute wait less painful.

Finally, we were in!  And what a spectacle greeted us as we passed through into the foyer...fashions from the Wednesday night fashion show, executed by master artisans in chocolate, confections worthy of hanging in the finest couture salons!  Kennie immediately insisted on a photo.

For more photos of all the delicious delicacies we sampled, oohhed and aahhed over, click the link below to view my Kodak album.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update: Mattel Comes Through for Paris Festival Attendees

Back in April, under my Paris Fashion Doll Festival post, I mentioned how disappointed the attendees were that the exclusive Barbie, a tradition for the Festival, had missed the production slot and a substitute was given in her place.

I'm happy to report that Mattel upped our compensation by sending attendees the second edition of the new Christian Louboutin Barbie, wearing the safari-inspired mini and tall fringed over-the-knee boots.  Totally delighted and timing couldn't be more perfect, as I was just about to order her from

Way to go Mattel...THANKS!

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