Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christian Louboutin Barbie

Let's get right to what collectors want to know...
  • Yes, the hands are painted
  • Yes, the catsuit is sewn on
  • Yes, the shoes are plastic
HOWEVER...the head is fully rooted under the hood, so if you were brave enough to open the stitching on the catsuit, you could transplant her to another Model Muse body (not really necessary, as there are 3 other dolls in the line that should allow for redress opportunities).  I must caution you, her skin has a sallow/orange-y color and that may be a challenge to find an appropriate match.  Or, just do what I plan to do and use the catsuit as a base for skirts/jumpers/smocks et al.   The boots are a quality leopard fabric shaped to the leg with minimum stretch so you need to be careful when putting them on.  I also find that the production doll really does resemble the promo pics, and as I am primarily a Silkstone/Designer collector, I am quite pleased with this new modern visage for Barbie.

My only disappointment was that the stand does not have Louboutin's name on it!  Come on, Mattel, how much production would it cost to have a nice metallic or quality designer label made for the stand.  You used to do that.  Heck, one of your receptionists could have run them off in Photoshop on a quality printer.  Better yet, why not send me the template and I'll do them.  For the right fee, of course.

And now, the photos...


  1. Great pics of her. Do I understand correctly that her shoes do not fit other dolls? I remember something about her feet being different. Love all the shoes, but still not wild about the doll. Good idea to use the jumpsuit as a base under other clothes though.

  2. I rather like this revamped Barbie...
    congrats on getting her PA~!!!!
    maybe we should make plans to grab coffee some evening!!!